Credo in Lund

All students believe in something, and Credo Lund wants to be a student organization that brings up existential life issues in an intellectually credible way. We believe that religion is playing an important role in all the contexts of the life stile of students, and we want to work toward an increased understanding of both the Christian and other world views.
Furthermore, we want to work toward a spirit of university that gives all students a possibility to freely and openly discuss, try and consider thoughts that concerns faith and world view.


Credo Lund is an association that is open to everyone that wants to; partake in the fellowship, know about christian faith or talk about matters of faith.

Credo Lund uses the Bible as the reliable word of God and the apostolic creed as foundation for its work.

Credo Lund stands for democracy and freedom of religion.


Two important purposes of Credo Lund are
    To increase the knowledge of the Christian faith and world view among students at the university of Lund.
    To gather and support christian students from different denominations and churches.